Radiodetection Tx Transmitters

The Radiodetection Tx transmitter range are designed to accompany the RD7100 and RD8100 precision locators. With a wide range of frequencies and 3 power output options the Tx range provides a cost effective solution to compliment your precision locator.

TX1 Transmitter - 1 watt Entry level transmitter with a wide range of induction and direct connection frequencies.

TX5 Transmitter - 5 watt transmitter offering more power for induction and direct connection. Includes fault find mode and available with iLoc option

TX10 Transmitter - 10 watt high power transmitter for greater induction and direct connection range. Includes fault find and current direction mode and available with iLoc option

  • Automatic impedance matching - transmit your locate signal as far as possible by automatically matching the transmitter impedance to that of your target cable
  • Built for on-site use – IP65 - shock resistant, ingress protected casing protects against knocks, drops, water and dust.
  • Lithium Ion battery pack option -deliver extended run-time, lighter weight and superior cold-weather performance by comparison to standard alkaline batteries.
    No need for operators to replace, manage and recycle alkaline battery cells, reducing the associated costs, workload and environmental burden.

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