Leica Zeno Office GIS software

Leica Zeno GIS Office software package to maintain, manage and post-process GIS, GNSS and surveying data.

  • uses ArcGIS™
  • have full trust in the accuracy of your GNSS data
  • seamlessly integrate GIS, GNSS and surveying data together with feature quality information
  • easy feature position verification and update to the most accurate location
  • import, view, edit and post-process GNSS data inside Leica Zeno Office or Leica Zeno Office on ArcGIS
  • seamless import/export of Leica Geosystems surveying format and direct connection to Leica Geosystems surveying equipment within the GIS environment
  • extend and customize with ArcObjects
  • supported Data formats: Leica MobileMatriX geodatabase, ArcGIS personal and multi-user geodatabase (SQL Server and SQL Express), shapefile, AutoCAD DWG, DXF, Microstation dgn, and axf files for ArcPad
  • fully optimized for the easiest and most productive field to office workflow:
  • EasyOut manages the process (copy-out or check-out) to bring feature and raster data, and quality information into Zeno Field
  • EasyIn is a unique check-in procedure that automatically post-processes GNSS data while downloading feature and GNSS data directly from the device. EasyIn workflow ensures maximum productivity and ease-of-use by eliminating GNSS post-processing outside the GIS or by running several different wizards to post-process GNSS data and import feature data
  • work with GNSS data directly in your geodatabase
  • achieve from submeter to decimeter accuracy after post-processing
  • store detailed information about the quality of GNSS data with each observed point
  • uses the best post-processing algorithms in the market to get best post-processed results for optimal GNSS accuracy
  • supported base station files: Rinex, Hatanaka (compressed RINEX), Leica Geosystems raw-data format
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