Leica iCON field software

Leica iCON field software available in site and build option is a smart and customisable positioning solution for a wide range of site construction and civil engineering applications. With iCON site or build software on your GNSS rover or total station field controller you can carry out all positioning related tasks with just one software package which will improve your work rate, performance and accuracy. Please call 0191 4789333 for prices.

  • intuitive user interface provides you with highest accuracy and flexibility for your construction projects
  • one user interface - learn functionality only once
  • integrates seamlessly with other Leica iCON products reducing downtime
  • use site software to check dimensions, volumes, positions and the status of key site elements
  • job site set up function
  • data collection stores measured elements and are accurately visualised using the software, reducing site visits
  • cut and fill function helps to save on material costs
  • calculate volumes and surfaces
  • enter stake out points and stake out lines directly from map, reducing human error
  • collect as-built data
  • combine Leica iCON site software with Leica iCON robot 50 robotic total station
  • Stake-out of points or lines for street course and crossroads
  • As-built of manholes, pipes, finished road surface
  • 3D Machine control of Graders and Paving Machines
  • Volume determination
  • combine Leica iCON site software with Leica iCON GPS 70, GPS80, iCR70 or iCR80
  • GNSS base station set-up on the job site
  • Stake-out of lines and points
  • Cut & fill measurements
  • Volume calcuations
  • Rough and fine grade checking
  • Single grade machine control
  • Strong focus on BIM


POA / Call 0191 4789333