Leica Flexline TS09plus total station

The Leica TS09 plus manual total station is a performance orientated total station that continually delivers regardless of how demanding the task may be. Ideal for mid- to high-accuracy applications.

  • accuracy - 1"
  • prism mode measurement - precision+ (1.5mm + 2ppm), speed 1 second
  • non-prism mode - precision (2mm +2ppm), PinPoint EDM with coaxial, small laser pointer and measurement beam for accurate aiming and measuring
  • distance measurment up to 3500m (with single round prism)
  • Reflectorless options available up to 1km
  • new Leica FlexFIeld plus onboard software
  • extra-large, built-in colour and touch display
  • guided workflows
  • fast navigation and easy to understand icons and graphics
  • Storage - 100,000 fixpoints / 60,000 measurments
  • communication side cover enables cable free connection to any data collector via Bluetooth®
  • USB Stick (1GB)
  • Data transfer rate - 1000 points per second
  • Output formats - GSI, DXF, LandXML
  • Two full alpha-numeric keyboards
  • Magnification - 30x
  • Adjustable brightness laser
  • Lithium-ion batteries (30 hours)
  • IP55
  • Please call us if you would like to know more about the many options which are available when purchasing an item from the Flexline TPS range - we'll make sure you get the right instrument to meet your needs
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