Abtech fall arrest block

15m fall arrest recovery device from Abtech. 

  • 5mm galvanised cable
  • built in winch mechanism for use in emergencies
  • conforms to EN360, EN1496
  • 15m Fall Arrest device from the TORQ range
  • Designed to provide fall protection from falls from height.
  • Anchored above the user, it gives the user a safe area of work. The retracting line pays in and out of the device as the user moves. In the event of a fall a brake engages, arresting the fall of the user with a controlled deceleration force. The AB15RT has an integral winch mechanism, so in the event of a fall, the top man will be able to raise or lower the user to a safe area.
  • swivel anchor eye on top
  • Can be mounted onto the Tripod or Davit arm for access and egress from a confined space
  • Line: 15m Galanised Wire
  • Weight: 10.40kg 
  • Rescue Lifting Max Rated Load: 150kg
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